4M Agroflorestal

In 2012, together with European partners, PROTECA created 4M Agroflorestal Ltda to cultivate high-performance teak plantations in the state of Mato Grosso.

2,400 ha of clonal teak forests were established in the first 9 years of the project, and by 2028 a total of 4,500 ha will be reached.

Imagem WP4M’s forestry project benefits from the PROTECA Group’s know-how and expertise in managing high-yield teak forests, producing superior quality wood. The project aims at obtaining trees with an average DAP above 45 cm, at the end of forest rotations between 16-18 years.

Seeking efficiency and cost reduction, 4M Agroflorestal conducts its forestry project with its own team. In addition to administrative and operational management, carried out by an experienced team of the Group, forestry operations are also carried out by its own team, hired exclusively to work in the forest.

In 2021, to confirm its commitment to the social and environmental aspects of the enterprise, 4M Agroflorestal is seeking the certification of the management of its forests. For more information on 4M’s sustainable forest management, please access the public summary of the forest management plan available here.