PROTECA currently invests together with European partners in high-performance teak plantations in the state of Mato Grosso, Brazil. The first phase of the project contemplated the establishment and management of 1,800 ha of clonal teak forests. The second phase shall be completed in 2022, with the establsihment of a total of 3,600 ha of clonal teak plantations.

Benefiting from the know-how and expertise of the Group, PROTECA’s forest project foresees the establishment of 6,000 ha of teak forests, with an annual planting rate of 400-500 ha. The project aims to produce trees with uniform diameters and superior wood quality: average DBH of 40 cm at the final harvest, between years15 and 17.

For greater efficiency and cost reductions, PROTECA chose to conduct the entire forestry project with its own team. Besides the administrative and operational management, carried out by experienced staff of the Group, forest operations are also carried out by own staff, contracted to work exclusively for the forestry company.