PROTECA is a privately owned group of companies established in the State of Mato Grosso – Brazil. It benefits from the unique expertise of its founding partners, with more than two decades of experience in teak related enterprises.

The Group combines know-how and high-end technology in every aspect of teak cultivation, from clonal propagation to the establishment and management of teak forests. Its businesses include:

  • Production and commercialization of superior clonal teak plants
  • Licensing of clonal propagation technology & genetic material
  • Investment & management of high-performance teak plantations in the State of Mato Grosso, Brazil
  • Research & development


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Irivan Gonçalves – Nursery & Laboratory
Marcio Saad – Manual Forest Operations
João Osvani – Mechanized Forest Operations
Mallú Pirolla – Forest Protection/ Research & Development
Rozane Eisfeld – Forest Measurement
Leandro Teixeira – Environmental
Candice Filipak – Quality & Certification
Paulo Veit – Sawmill
Fabiana Ponvechio – HR
Benedito Rodrigues – HR
Islaine Lopes – Accountancy
Jéssica Lima – Finance
Walquíria Crispim – Procurement
Vanderson Siqueira – Taxes